Aunty Florence Maingard

Clicks Remembrance Wall: Florence "Aunty" Maingard

When Aunty Florence Maingard came to Head Office from the branches as Advertising Manageress she found life too quiet.

“I Miss the customers”, she told Mr Goldin.

“That’s no problem, we’ll give you the customer enquiry phone” replied the Boss.

Aunty started with the company since the first Clicks Store opened, coming through the ranks from Office Supervisor to Advertising Manageress.

Courtesy: Clicks News July 1975

Auntie Mainguard
Remember Auntie Mainguard? She was my first Office Supervisor in Claremont. I remember her very well to this day. A lot of people used to tease her because she was a serious person, but she was a good sport as well and took the teasing in good spirit.
We remember her, among other things, because she used to drive around in this little Mini Cooper.

I think the funniest joke we played on her, was parking the Mini inside the shop. Definitely not a career advancing joke, but then we thought it was hilarious.

I must explain that at that time Claremont had a large entrance and there was a lot of space between the doors and a row of cashiers.

So one day, we had this brilliant idea of driving her car and parking it inside the entrance. Auntie Mainguard finishes cashing up, closes the office and walks to the back to the parking area to drive home.

After a few minutes she comes rushing in, white in the face and says: “Mr Gargan, I can’t find my car. I think it’s been stolen!”. We pretended to be very concerned and went outside to help look for the car. Eventually, when she was becoming a bit too distressed we brought back inside again, took her to the front and there, much to the relief, was her car parked. We don’t know whether she ever reported this higher up the line because Harry and I and the rest of the staff never got called up to Jack Goldin’s office. (I would not be writing this today! We would have been fired on the spot!).

This says something about Auntie M’s character. She was a good teacher and a good sport. We eventually developed a good friendship to the extent that I use to take her to visit her son in George when I went there. Bless her heart, she always used to bring these wonderful picnic baskets with her to enjoy on the trip. Oh, she also used to make this incredible grape jam, with no pips as she used to remove all the pips grape by grape. Great woman.

Roberto Battistuzzi (20 Years Service)


A fellow Clicker once wrote in the Clicks News January 1975:


For many a year there’s been on the staff,

A lady known by all, for sharing a laugh.

From branch to branch she often went.

For many an opening she was lent.

She once worked at Claremont, for all of her day.

Now she’s at H/O sending adverts away.

So at last her roaming days are over

for she has her own office, and is in a clover.

To most she is “Aunty”, to some she is “Mrs”

But from all of us we send her our wishes.”




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Matteo joined the Clicks Brand in 1974 as a Trainee Manager and spent the first nine years of his career in operational management roles within stores. In 1983 he was promoted to the role of Buyer and joined the Merchandise Division. During the following twenty seven years, he applied his extensive buying expertise to various categories and assisted the business in growing from a small retailer to the national household name that it is today. Matteo has not only gained the respect of his many colleagues through the years, but also with the many suppliers that he has dealt with.
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