Ester Wides

The Clicks Wall Of Remembrance

Mrs Esther Wides, a member of the Board of Clicks, was one of the three Greatermans nominees among the six Directors – three each from Clicks and Greatemans.

Mrs Wides held a B.Com. degree and was the first woman in South Africa to pass with distinctions.

She was the most senior woman executive of the Greatermans Group and was promoted to Assistant Vice-President. She took an active part in the working of the Clicks Board and Mr Goldin had long discussions with her, drawing on her considerable experience in retail accountancy.

Source: Clicks News July 1975


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About mc1a

Matteo joined the Clicks Brand in 1974 as a Trainee Manager and spent the first nine years of his career in operational management roles within stores. In 1983 he was promoted to the role of Buyer and joined the Merchandise Division. During the following twenty seven years, he applied his extensive buying expertise to various categories and assisted the business in growing from a small retailer to the national household name that it is today. Matteo has not only gained the respect of his many colleagues through the years, but also with the many suppliers that he has dealt with.
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