“We worked like Trojans”

Tribute To Jack Goldin

“We focused on building the team and growing the business, primarily with a view to becoming a drugstore. Clicks became the cornerstone of retailers in South Africa. I can only see Clicks going from strength to strength in the future. The new leadership team is brilliant.

When we started, we did it all. Managers used to hop on the tills when necessary. There was a lot less structure. Everything was manual. It was hard work, but it was fun.

A lot of guys grew in the business and became successful. That was why so many people stayed. We worked like Trojans. There was a general feeling of family. It was a nurturing environment.”

Trevor Honneysett (35 Years Service)

Source: 40 years of Clicks 1968 – 2008 Magazine page 30



One thought on ““We worked like Trojans”

  1. Hi Trevor
    Just read the lovely tributes to Jack Goldin
    Those were hard but exciting years
    Jack and you were great to me-
    Thanks for that
    Keep well
    Kind regards
    John Plaut
    Perth Australia

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