The Year 1999

 Tribute to Jack Goldin

1999 has just flown by

So much has happened it’s no wonder why

A year of promotions, moves and changes

Category swaps and adjustments to ranges


There has been plenty of ups and a couple of downs

I’ve seen laughter and tears and yes a few frowns

Some new faces have arrived and some did go

Our results have been excellent –the balance sheet did show

You’re a great bunch of people so where do I start

I think its best with “Thank You “ from the bottom of my heart


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Andreas Karl Hans or “Goebs” to some

Deputy Merchandise Director he has become

This was the result of his commitment and drive

Ensuring that Toiletries continues to strive


Tribute to Jack Goldin

“Deputy “ was removed from Richard Mac’s chest

Who now guarantees Cosmetics being better than the rest

He got rid of old systems and brought in some new

He even swapped the old bakkie and for a new BMW


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Craig, our young Turk, who in Sea Point does live

Had his business card changed from Buyer to Deputy Executive

No longer does he sit beneath my spread wing

As he’s definitely dethroned me as the Confectionery King


New Picture (2) Tribute to Jack Goldin Tribute to Jack GodlinTribute to Jack Goldin Tribute to Jack Goldin

Roseanne, Astrid, Christian, Gabor and Natalie,

New Trainee Buyers on the block have now filled our nursery

Your future is in your hands on where you would like to be

So come on lets see you climb that career path tree.


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Melanie now leads our new Spice Girl team

And we wait in anticipation for that new Homewares theme

Her fire re-kindled, her passion will last

She tells her people “lets look to the future and forget about the past”

Commitment and task she does with the simplest of ease

In 2000 I would like to see a few hugs…. Please.


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Jerome or Rooch or sometimes called Rutch

Whatever you throw at him is never too much

Loyal and hardworking and he’s travelled a lot

Maybe now he can spend more time on his wonderful plot

The changes he will enjoy so we all wait and see

Can he get passionate over jewellery?


Tribute To Jack Goldin

Now big Jono did move from pots and pans

To a huge variety of aerosol cans

Apprehensive he was and we all understand

So remember, my friend, there are people around you who are willing to lend a hand


Claire / Clive with whom he did swap

Is already wanting to discontinue the mop

Her energy levels are  at an all time high

I know for sure that Kitchenwares will fly


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Our Category champion in 1999

Was Matteo as Medicinal he did make shine

Sales were huge and his margin did soar

Just watch in 2000 as it grows even more


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Hair specialist indeed is the name of his game

Grant, a shark supporter, what a terrible shame

Scottworks Negotiation Course he has just done

Haircare he now says will become No 1.

Tribute to Jack Goldin

His partner on the course was young David Card

A loner, deep thinker who always tries hard

Enthusiastic and motivated and raring to go

His new taught skills he is eager to show


Victorious or Victor who always gives of his best

Has recently returned from a wonderful rest

His battery recharged, it’s very plain to see

That his new-found energy will go into D & P


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Down the aisle did our big David S take his beautiful bride

As he found there were no more places where he could hide

In toiletries now settled he’s become quite the negotiator

His sights are now set on climbing the ladder


Tribute to Jack Goldin

From Merchandising to Nappies in one giant leap

In the brown stuff Gerald landed and yes, very deep

Now to become a true Babies Champion and to remove that troubled frown

You must go out there, find that wife and finally settle down


Tribute to Jack Goldin

There have been so many changes to Trevor Andrew Moseley

It can only be one thing, love, obviously

My concern is that with the grey beard and spiked gelled hair

When he plays Santa Claus the children will scare

His beard is suddenly  gone and it’s now very obvious to me

That very recently he went at least 10 rounds with Mohamed Ali


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Cosmetics enjoyed a successful year

But only half as good as 2000, so I hear

Encouraging words indeed , it’s Rene and Maggie that we must thank

As they go out to dominate colour and put plenty of notes into the bank


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Her happiest moment undoubtedly, is talking on the phone

Or banging away with emails ensuring she’s not alone

Intelligent and well read is our young Susan B

That true potential now is what I would very much like to see


A little happier and motivated, or so it does now seem

Are Zelda and Theresa, the remaining members of the Spice Girl Team

Some stressful times indeed, 1999 has definitely been

Forgotten now as in 2000 they are going to turn red lights into green


Tribute to Jack Goldin

Our systems man, RAS, has had a busy year indeed

As it’s him all our problems that we continually do feed

Alone he conquered Merchandise Planning and may I add just in time

Tony, it’s great having you at the end of the Helpline


Now let’s not forget about all our Assistants and Clerks

To me they deserve at least a 100 marks

As it’s them who complete this truly magnificent team

Known in the market place as the absolute cream


There were a few more highlights that I think I need  mention

Jubayda had a son and now believes she’s in heaven

Rose went on and retired and Max turned that magical fifty

Who in the world  would believe that she’s now also a granny


To Richard and Paul and the remainder of your team

Forgotten sometimes it must definitely seem

Unfortunately huge distances do get in the way

So therefore a very special ” Thank You “ I need to say


Now there’s one more I need to thank and I’m thrilled she’s going to stay

Although not with me but marketing ,and that’s Tanya my reliable PA

Nothings too much – she does everything at a pace

The end of the “Year book” I know brought a smile to her happy face



In summary 1999 has been an excellent year

Unfortunately our margin budget we missed although we came pretty near

I know for sure that in our new category teams we can put this back on track

Then at least I can smile and more importantly get Raymond off my back

So in 2000 I would like to see that service champions we have become

Thus ensuring that this buying team remains as No 1



I would like to wish you and your families everything of the absolute best

And to those taking leave a wonderful and relaxing rest

May your Christmas and New Year be very special indeed

And may you all return safely and in one piece ……..  agreed?

Dave Stewart (33 Years Service)



About Matteo Coné

Matteo joined the Clicks Brand in 1974 as a Trainee Manager and spent the first nine years of his career in operational management roles within stores. In 1983 he was promoted to the role of Buyer and joined the Merchandise Division. During the following twenty seven years, he applied his extensive buying expertise to various categories and assisted the business in growing from a small retailer to the national household name that it is today. Matteo has not only gained the respect of his many colleagues through the years, but also with the many suppliers that he has dealt with.
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