It is with great honour that we dedicate this blog to the memory of Jack Goldin, an entrepreneur and innovator, who may aptly be called the “father” of the drugstore in South Africa. Tribute to Jack Goldin is a compilation of stories and experiences during “The early years at Clicks”.

Regrettably no book or story narrates the early years at Clicks except for a couple of one-liners and sentences here and there.

This is an ideal way to remember Jack Goldin and in this way we’ll ensure that he will rightly be remembered for his contribution to the retail environment in South Africa. Our children will get a valuable insight on the founder of this great organization and the legacy he left behind.

This blog could not have been realised without your kind support and the time you have taken in the hustle and bustle of life to write such wonderful stories.

With this in mind we would like to ask you to sit back, enjoy and reminisce the many contributions, unique stories, experiences, and fond memories during the early years at Clicks. Each story describes life events which helped shape the future success of Clicks and the phenomenal development of the Clicks brand from its infancy.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to each one of you for your valued contribution. It certainly played a critical role and ensured in getting this project to its successful completion.

Illustration of Jack Goldin courtesy of Peter Gibson.

We are deeply grateful and want to thank Raymond Ackerman for his great kindness and kind permission to reprint an excerpt from his book “Hearing Grasshoppers Jump” in our blog.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading their own personal memories during the “The early years at Clicks”.

……and as Jack would always finish off his letters

“God bless”

Raymond Godfrey and Matteo Coné


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